Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Upcoming Release: The Witch's Birthday Brew

Interview with Countess

I’m pleased to welcome Countess and her translator Kitty Talks!  Countess is here to dish the details on my upcoming release, The Witch’s Birthday Brew.  For those of you who don't know, Countess is Genesis's cat and you'll get to know more about her in The Witch's Birthday Brew.

AC:  Welcome, Countess, I’m glad you could take the time and sit down with me today.

Countess:  Why, thank you, human.

AC:  So, tell me something about Genesis.

Countess:  She is my human and has been lonely lately.  I try to reassure her, but like the human that she is, she doesn’t listen to her master.

AC: Um, Countess, don’t you mean that Genesis is your master?

Countess:  Of course not!  She feeds me when I’m hungry, pets me when I want her to, and cleans my litter box.  Why else would she do this if I were not her master?

AC:  I see, anyways, I hear that Genesis has a birthday coming up.

Countess:  Yes.  She must be lonely because she has no human male.  I haven’t gotten around to picking one out for her yet, so I guess I should for my human’s birthday.

AC:  Well, what kind of male does Genesis like?

Countess:  You know, I’m not completely sure.  I have my eyes on the Tom Cat in the alley, now that’s a real male.  He paces at the window meowing loudly while my human sleeps.  I’m still playing hard to get, you see.  I’m not ready to be a mama cat.

AC:  I think we’re getting a little off topic, Countess.  How about you tell me about Genesis.

Countess:  If you insist.  Well, I’ve owned Genesis since I was a kitten and I’ve always wanted her to have a backbone.  Sometimes that boss of hers calls and it makes me want to scratch his eyes out.

AC:  Why is that?

Countess:  He doesn’t treat my human as she should be treated.  She’s a nice human, always helping the little old lady across the hall with her grocery shopping.  She always makes sure I have those little cans of yummy food, too. 

AC:  Well, that’s nice.  What more can you tell me?

Countess:  Oh dear, my human needs me.  She’s trying to cast a spell.  Let’s hope this doesn’t go awry as some of her previous ones did.

Well, there she goes.  Don't forget The Witch's Birthday Brew will be available on October 20, 2012!

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