Friday, September 28, 2012

Cruising through Chapter 3

These are the first paragraphs of Chapter 3 for Surrender Serenity, Saving Celine, and Embracing Ember.  Let's see what's happening in Chapter 3...

Surrender Serenity

“UGH” Serenity cried in frustration as she slammed the telephone down.  Stephanie, her partner for the shift looked over and said, “Well, I take it that didn’t go well?” she said.  

Saving Celine

Celine took a deep breath held it for a few seconds then released.  In with the good and out with the bad.  She slowly opened her eyes as Reed started the car.  She could do this.  Well, maybe she could do this.  She did not understand what set her off, but somehow being in the car with Reed was going to be one of those things.  Blood seemed to pound in her ears, her vision blurred with the tears that threatened to spill over.  Her chest tightening in that familiar way, but it didn’t matter.  Even knowing she was panicking didn’t decrease the effect on her.  She was going to panic anyways.  

Embracing Ember
Ember roused slowly her mind in a fog.  Her hands automatically removed the thing that covered her face.  She blinked but only darkness surrounded her.  There was silence only broken by her breathing.  She forced herself to relax, not to give into the panic that threatened to take over.  She reached forward and her hand met the cool, smooth texture of metal.  She pushed on the top and felt no give.  It is okay Ember just calm down and try to remember what happened.  Her mind provided her with the images of her beating and the remembered pain.  Tears filled her eyes.  She took inventory of her body, trying to feel the damage that had been rendered this time.  She was confused.  There was no pain.  She moved each limb as much as she could in the space provided.  She trailed her hands over her body in an attempt to find the injuries she knew were there.  The panic began to renew when she realized she was naked with just a sheet covering her.  She started beating of the lid of what she could only guess as a coffin.  That bastard buried me alive!   

Wow!  What drama!  

You can purchase each of these books at most retailers, with the exception of Saving Celine which is available at Amazon.  Each is also available for print!

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