Sunday, September 16, 2012

Something to Think About

"Our Critics are our friends; they show us our faults."  Benjamin Franklin

I saw this quote and I knew it was for me!!!!  When I first self-published Surrender Serenity I did not realize how much went into it.  To be honest, I just wanted to see if something I had always wanted to do was something that I could do.  Some of the reviews were about my editing.  I heard them loud and clear!  I took those books I first placed out there and combed over them to fix there many mistakes.  (There were lots of them)  Now looking at this quote, I can see the wisdom in the words.  Thanks to those who pointed out what I obviously did not take seriously I now have better books.  

This can also be applied to work (not just writing).  As a nurse, my bosses feedback and criticism is important to me.  It helps me to become a better patient advocate and caregiver.  I take my job as a nurse seriously, and sometimes the criticism of a patient is what is necessary to make me realize that something needs to be changed.  

I hope I left you with something to think about!

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