Thursday, September 20, 2012

Spotlight on State of Unrest

Here is another excerpt from State of Unrest!  

“He’s your mate?”  Abigail asked quietly, though she knew the answer. 
“Yes, Ma’am,” Melanie whispered, her voice laced with despair.  Abigail closed her eyes, thinking back to the mating lecture that her mother subjected her to on her twenty-first birthday.
“Abigail when you find your mate, your wolf will let you know.  For each changeling, it is the same, upon meeting their mate the urges begin.  Denying them is futile, because in the end the pain of your soul reaching for that one person who will complete you.  With that comes the need to claim them, sexually.  You won’t be able to help yourself,” her mother had stated with a flush staining her cheeks. 
Abigail nodded.  She knew what had to be done.  Melanie had no choice, for changelings, denying their destined mate was a slow spiral into death.  “Melanie, how are you feeling?”
“It’s beginning to hurt, Ma’am,” she said as her hands found her abdomen, her posture bending slightly into the pain. 
“There is only one solution, Melanie, and please start calling me Abigail.  I believe after tonight we can call each other by our first names.  I need you to control yourself long enough to get to your room,” Abigail muttered releasing Melanie’s hand and jumping from the bed.
“Please, Abigail, I don’t want to die.  I didn’t mean for this to happen!”  Melanie cried out, tears trailing down her cheeks. 
“Oh, now none of that, Melanie.  I need you to be strong.  I am going to find Andrew, and bring him to you.  I’m not going to kill you.”
“But your father will,” Melanie stated as if it were a law.

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