Saturday, September 22, 2012

Upcoming Release: The Witch' s Birthday Brew

So what does a witch do when she's lonely?  Brew up the perfect man, of course!

Excerpt!  (I always enjoy them!)

“You found the documents,” Genesis said failing to keep the incredulity from bleeding into her tone.  Genesis rubbed her forehead attempting to ease the headache that was building in intensity.  “Mr. Larson, if you found the documents, why didn’t you call me and let me know?”
“I’m a busy man, Miss Welch.  I didn’t have time.  Besides, there is something that I need for you to do.”  Genesis took a deep breath and prayed to the goddess for patience.  Only her ingrained moral compass kept her from turning this evil, slimy man into a toad.
“Are you listening to me Miss Welch?”  Genesis shook her head shaking the thoughts of turning the middle-aged balding Account Director into a toad.  She couldn’t do it.  It was too risky.  Oh yeah, and it’s wrong!

Why this excerpt and not a steamy scene (Yeah, there's plenty of those.  I promise!!)?  Well, I know that I've felt like turning a boss into a toad before.  Haven't you? 

The Witch's Brew will be released to Smashwords, All Romance eBooks, and will also be available on my website on October 20, 2012!  Guess what the best news of all is.  It's FREE!!!!

Special thanks to Book Graphics for the cover design!!!

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