Saturday, September 29, 2012

Upcoming Release: The Witch's Birthday Brew!

Here is another excerpt from The Witch's Birthday Brew.  It comes out on October 20, 2012!  The best part is that it's FREE!

Elijah threw his hands in the air.  “Okay, I’ll tell you.  Larson’s personal assistant is exactly your type.”
Elijah rolled his eyes before making an hourglass in the air with his hands.  “Curvaceous.  Brown hair, big brown eyes and curves for days.  Exactly your type.”  Damien shook his head.  Elijah playing matchmaker was never a smart idea.  Elijah pulled out his phone and flipped in silence for a few moments before sliding it across the desk.  Damien picked it up, and his cock shot to attention at the picture of the buxom brunette beauty bent slightly over the table, her plump ass on perfect display.  The black sheath dress clung to each curve. “Keep flipping.  I was able to get quite a few discreetly, even some during her impromptu presentation.”
Damien couldn’t deny her beauty.  Brown hair in soft waves that brushed just past her shoulders framed an oval face with large brown eyes.  Her lips were a delicate shade of pink, almost like rose quartz, plumped into a bow shape that begged for kisses.  In addition, the curves that Elijah described earlier, plentiful with bountiful hips and breasts the size of melons, large enough to fill his hands overflowing.  Striving for a cool facade, he slid the phone back to his friend.  “Is the advertising pitch good?”
Elijah sighed and pocketed his phone.  “Yes, Elias.  I believe it will benefit us to pursue this avenue further, but on one condition.”  
“Don’t call me that!  What condition?”  ‘We get Genesis to manage the project.”
“What qualifications does she have, I mean, besides doing her bosses work?”  Damien did not care if she looked good enough to eat business was business.
“She has a Masters in Advertising.”  Damien nodded.  It seemed as if he would meet the voluptuous Genesis after all.  

October 20, 2012!!! It also contains a bonus short story entitled: The Witch's Birthday Gift.  It will be available at Smashwords, All Romance eBooks and my website!!!

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