Monday, September 17, 2012

When Love Heals: Embracing Ember Excerpt

In Embracing Ember, the second book of the Salin's Salvation series, we meet Ember who is a victim of abuse.  She was the victim of physical, verbal and sexual abuse at the hands of her husband, Landon. Ceylon's appearance in her life ensures her survival after she is beaten mercilessly by the one person supposed to love her.  So, can love heal those who have been subjected to such abuse?  Outside the pages of fiction, I am sure there are examples where love conquered all.  However, in Embracing Ember can Ceylon, who has his own grief to deal with, help Ember to heal?

Enjoy an excerpt!
     Ceylon took in Ember’s profile, her flame red hair that normally brushed past her shoulders was pulled into a ponytail with tendrils of hair flying haphazardly around her head. Her hands worked expertly with the paintbrush, her bottom lip held hostage between her teeth. She seemed alive, more alive than he ever remembered seeing her. She had come a long way since her brush with death. From the shy and fearful female that jumped at every turn, to the exuberant female before him.

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