Wednesday, September 26, 2012

My Favorite "Literary Works" of All Time (So Far)!!

We've all got our favorites!  This is my list of the top ten favorite works (so far)!

Number 10:  Little Women by Louisa May Alcott (to purchase (FREE))

I first read this book in third grade and then later while a sophomore in high school, and I was amazed at the difference in my perception of the book from the two.  Of course, both times I loved it!

Number 9: The Missing Piece by Shel Silverstein  (Link for Purchase)

This was actually read to us prior to graduation from High School and it stuck with me.  Now, I'm not sure what my peers got from this, but I found myself going...Ahhh!  It's the journey that is important!

Number 8:  The Bell Jar by Sylvia Plath (Purchase Link)

This was actually an assignment in the tenth grade no less, but I couldn't put it down!  Was it the happy books that I'd read up until this point in my life?  No.  But it left a lasting effect nonetheless.

Number 7:  The Harry Potter Series by J K Rowling (Purchase Link)

Did you doubt it would be here?  Anyways, I spent countless hours in the world of Hogwarts and the battle between good and evil!  I actually stood in line to buy a copy of the last three books in this series!  (I didn't have an E-Reader then!)

Number 6:  The Chronicles of Narnia by C.S. Lewis (Purchase Link)

What's not to love about a parallel world to our own in which children become kings and queens?  During elementary and junior high, there was nothing better.  

Number 5:  Annabel Lee by Edgar Alan Poe (Purchase Link)

This wasn't his first work that I read in school, but it was the one that I memorized.  I have many favorites of his, but this one is my absolute favorite!

Number 4:  Summer of the Monkeys by Wilson Rawls  (Purchase Link)

When a kid tries to capture circus monkeys that are loose in the river bottom chaos ensues!  What can go wrong with monkeys, a fourteen year old and moonshine?

Number 3: Demon's Captive by Stephanie Snow (Purchase Link)

This was my first taste of erotic romance and anything remotely related to this genre.  Needless to say, it started a chain reaction!

Number 2:  Slave Boy by Evangeline Anderson (Purchase Link)

Like Demon's Captive was my first erotic romance, Slave Boy was my first m/m.  I was already eating Evangeline Anderson's books like cereal for breakfast, so i just searched her name on Amazon and bought everything.  With this one book I expanded my horizons.

Number 1:  Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck (Purchase Link)

What is there to say about Of Mice and Men?  It was well worth the first read and more than deserving of the countless re-reads I put my book through.  WARNING: Tearing up at the end is unavoidable!

What are your favorites?

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